Spicy Chhundo

Rs 60

A sweet trip with a mild spicy twist, made from a gentle blend of grated riped mangoes with sugar. This sweet pickle is the ancient Gujarati breakfast as well as a dinner companion. Mangoes with their tang and sugar with its ability to improve digestion and breathing together make a healthy and mouthwatering team that will take you to regional Indian kitchen & fill you with the taste of grandma’s hands.

Gor Keri

Rs 60

A perfect mix of tangy mango with sugar. This pickle will take your taste buds on a tour of its roots in Gujarat! This delicious and tangy mango pickle is one of the most popular choices among Indian households.

Kesar Chhundo

Rs 55

Revel in the unforgettable sweetness of this authentic Indian preparation. Made from grating handpicked mangoes, 'Chhundo' is a sweet pickle and a great choice for a condiment. The rich flavour of Gujarati cuisine mixed with the brand's endeavors to provide the best quality, is a combination that speaks for itself.

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