Pineapple Fruit Sharbat

One of the world’s healthiest fruit, pineapple, can be used in a variety of national and international cuisines. Our Pineapple Sharbat is a great way of enjoying pineapple even when it is not in season. It’s a good source of healthy vitamins that come from pineapple pulps.
₹ 150.00
  • Best Before
    • 12 months from mfg
    • Sugar, Pineapple Pulp, Water, Acidity Regulator(E330), Permitted Class Ii Preservative (E224)
    • Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Colour(S) And Added Flavour(S).
    • Store in cool and dry place, Keep away from direct sunlight, Do not Refrigerate
    • Do Not Consume Puffed, Broken Or Leaky Bottle
    • Amba Foods Pineapple Syrup adds amazing flavor to any recipe it is used in from cakes and pastries to cocktails and mocktails.
      It is most ideal for refreshing sharbats, welcome drinks, gola, ice lollies.
    • Add 15% syrup with 85% water to make a delicious drink, Churn it with Black Salt, Black pepper powder & ICE
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