Royal Rose Sharbat

Traditional rose flavoured syrup made of fresh rose pettals. A royal choice for royal people a premium segmant of sharbat. The fragrance and flavour in every ounce of this sharbat will leave you wanting for more. This handcrafted and enticing concoction provides a cooling and rejuvenating effect.
₹ 120.00
  • Best Before
    • 12 months from mfg
    • Sugar, Water, Rose Extract, Acidity Regulator(E330), Permitted Class Ii Preservative (E211)
    • Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Colour(S) And Added Flavour(S).
    • Separation, Color Change And Settling Is Natural So Shake Well Before Use.
    • Store in cool and dry place, Keep away from direct sunlight, Do not Refrigerate
    • Do Not Consume Puffed, Broken Or Leaky Bottle
    • It can be added to water to make excellent Mock tails. Add to chilled Milk, Lassi, Toppings & Puddings,  Kulfi, Golas or use it to garnish Desserts, Sweets, Ice Cream.
    • Add 15% syrup with 85% milk/water to make a delicious drink, Churn it with ICE
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